Can I Keep a Sheep As a Pet?

Sheep are friendly, soft and woolly, so who wouldn’t want to have one as a pet? Unfortunately they can be quite a handful, so Tony Hakim Animal Lovers is here to show if you can keep a sheep as a pet.

Can I Keep a Sheep As a Pet via Tony Hakim Animal Lovers

Sheep are social, so consider getting them in pairs. Image via

The Yard

Sheep can act as your own personal lawn mower, without you having to do all the work! They will munch on grass all day to their heart’s content before they rest easy for the night. This means though, that you should not be considering a sheep as a pet if you have a small backyard. Since they continuously eat, you will need a big enough space that they won’t be making it through the whole yard in a short amount of time.

So if you have the backyard part covered, what else can a sheep offer as a pet? Well sheep can actually be taken for walks to give them some exercise, much like dogs for example. If you have looked after it well than the sheep will follow you along around the block.

Can I Keep a Sheep As a Pet? via Tony Hakim Animal Lovers

Sheep are quite intelligent and will bond to certain people. Image via


So what about maintenance? It is well known that sheep require the expert work of a shearer to keep that woolly coat under control; otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to see its legs or face! For this reason, and if you don’t have some clippers handy, hair sheep are a perfect choice as a pet since they do not need to be sheared.

Make sure that, as with all pets, you have adequate protection for your pet sheep. They can be quite prone to attacks from foxes that are much quicker, so it helps if they have a proper shelter to rest in at night.

Can I Keep a Sheep As a Pet? via Tony Hakim Animal Lovers

A herd of sheep. Image via

So if you have a giant backyard that could do with a bit of trimming, and would love a calm pet for the household, check up with your local council to see if you can get a sheep!  The team at Tony Hakim Animal Lovers think they would make a great addition to the family.

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