Coolest Fish Encounter Videos on the Internet


The deep sea can be a scary place, but can also provide some of the coolest fish encounters you will ever see. Whether it is fishing off a boat, or diving down under the surface, Tony Hakim Animal Lovers provides you with the coolest fish encounter videos going around!


Sunfish Encounter

This is an encounter with one of the biggest fish in the sea. The diver in view experiences a rare chance to interact with this amazing creature that seems more than willing to be friendly.

Whale Gets a Little Too Close

Enjoying a relaxing time fishing off of your boat in the deep sea, next minute, a pod of whales come to say hello! A fisherman on the Gold Coast, Australia, gets a little too close for comfort in this video.

Bird Swoops In On Catch

Ever had a bird try and steal your latest catch? Well this fisherman has, while it is still on the line! In this video, on a calm, sunny day, a small tussle ensues before the bird gives up on trying to steal the catch.

Crazy Ice Fishing Catch

Proclaimed in the title as the biggest brown trout caught, this video shows a different form of fishing in ice fishing. The trout caught barely fits through the small hole in the ice as it is reeled up for its grand reveal!

Friendly Fish

Ever seen a fish so friendly? Neither have we! This amazing fish just loves to be petted and just for good measure, picked up and thrown into the water. How cool is that!

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