Hilarious Names for Pets

Naming a pet is a fun thing. It can be as silly or serious as you want – more permanent than the names you give your Sims, but not as permanent as a child’s, it can be as serious, sentimental or sweet as you want. But nothing puts a smile on our face faster than a funny pet name.

Here at Tony Hakim Animal Lovers, we’ve picked out the most hilarious names for pets that we could find (we love a good pun!)

For Cats:

  1. Chairman Meow
  2. Clawed Monet
  3. Eartha Kitty
  4. Tempurra
  5. Ryan Fleacrest
  6. Schrodinger

For Dogs:

  1. Chew-Barka
  2. Spark-Pug
  3. Bon Jo-Flea
  4. Dee Oh Gee
  5. Poochini
  6. Winnie the Poodle

For Other Animals

  1. Julius Squeezer (snake)
  2. Medusa (snake)
  3. Janis Hoplin (rabbit)
  4. Jon Bun Jovi (rabbit)
  5. Cluck Norris (chicken)
  6. Gregory Peck (chicken)




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