10 New Species Discovered in the Last Decade

There are so many incredible plants and animals in the world. It’s amazing to think that so many weird and wonderful creatures are still being discovered. Tony Hakim has put together an interesting list of 10 new species discovered in the last decade.

10 new species discovered in the last decade

The Lesula Monkey

The Lesula monkey was discovered in a vast and dense rainforest in the heart of Democratic Republic of Congo in 2012. The males have bright blue buttocks which really stand out in the dark forest, to attract the females.  Although they have only recently been discovered by scientists, they have been hunted for food for many years and conservation efforts are now underway.

10 new species discovered in the last decade
The Sunda Clouded Leopard

This rare cat was discovered in 2007 in Borneo and Sumatra. They are called clouded leopards because their spots are larger than those of other leopards. These cats have rarely been seen, and have only been filmed twice in the wild.

A new species of rat, Paucidentomys vermidax, discovered in Sulawesi
The Toothless Rat

This rat lives on Sulawesi Island in Indonesia and is the first rodent discovered not to have molars. It has only a few large front teeth because its diet consists solely of earthworms. This little rodent was discovered in 2011.

10 new species discovered in the last decade
The Barbados Threadsnake

This is the world’s tiniest snake. Found only in Barbados, this species was officially listed in 2008. The longest specimen found has been 10.4cm long and as thin as spaghetti.

10 new species discovered in the last decade
The Pinocchio Frog

The Pinocchio frog is named so due to the protruding nose-like structure on its face. When the frog calls, it points upwards and when it is quiet, it points downwards. This unusual looking frog was found in New Guinea in 2010.

10 new species discovered in the last decade

The Caquetta Titi Monkey

This little monkey was found in the Amazon rainforest between 2010 and 2013. There are 20 different species of the titi monkey. When they are happy or content, they purr in a similar way to cats.

10 new species discovered in the last decade
The Pea-Sized Frog

Discovered in Borneo in 2010, the pea-sized frog is one of the smallest frogs in the world. The adult males range between 10.6mm and 12.8mm in length.

10 new species discovered in the last decade

The Leaf Deer

The leaf deer is found in Burma and is the world’s smallest deer. It was thought to be the offspring of another species of deer before it was discovered to be a separate species. It grows to be only 2.5 feet in height.

10 new species discovered in the last decade
The Crystal Frog

This remarkable frog was found around the border of Ecuador and Peru in 2009. The skin of this frog is so translucent that you can see its little heart beating inside.

10 new species discovered in the last decade

Ghost slug

The ghost slug was first found in a garden in Cardiff, Wales in 2007. It is called the ghost slug because of its white colour. It is also carnivorous, killing earthworms at night with its powerful teeth.

Here at Tony Hakim, we are blown away by the variety of the life that we have around us. As long as we respect the world around us and make genuine conservation efforts, we are bound to find more and more of these astonishing creatures.


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